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Annie has worked with our daughter Ella for several years.  First, as team coach when she began playing in elementary school and following through middle school and now high school as a private instructor.

Annie's lacrosse experience is extensive to put it mildly, coming from the East Coast and having "All Everything, National Team, Hall of Fame" titles on her resume.  But great players aren't always great coaches.  In Annie's case, a great player IS a great coach.  Her background in education clearly compliments her skill and knowledge as a lacrosse player, and my daughter's experience has been nothing short of exceptional.  Annie is tough without being overbearing, demanding while still being a friend, and there is literally no limit to what she can teach your daughter whether she is brand new to lacrosse or being recruited by top tier universities.  I was always impressed that Annie showed up to every session with an organized syllabus written down timed to the minute.  And this compliment comes from a career military officer who, quite frankly, expects the highest level of precision and professionalism in any endeavor.   

I can say that I fully credit Annie for the attention my daughter is receiving from top Division 1 lacrosse programs early in her high school career.  But quite frankly, perhaps the most important benefit from working with Annie has been about the FUN my daughter has had through development of those skills that have made a great sport all the more enjoyable.
-Chris Greene


Mia had a great first Lacrosse season.  We are very impressed with your program and will be back next year.

-Lisa Reinke


Annie - I just wanted you to know how thankful we (Una and our family) are to you for providing such an amazing girls' lacrosse program to our community.  All these years have just flown by and we are moving on to the next level!  I know we'll never forget how dedicated, enthusiastic, and always positive and encouraging you've been to Una throughout these years.  If it wasn't for you and your dedication, lacrosse would not have been part of our lives!!  Thank you so much!!!

-Heidi Forsythe


The girls program is amazing and continues to improve! Annie works incredibly hard.  She a great listener and communicator. We are impressed with the dedication of the coaches and encouraged by their love and passion for the game. They are fair and always approachable.  I know first hand that if there is a situation that needs to be addressed, it will be handled by U14/15 Coach Hadi and Annie swiftly and professionally with genuine concern for all parties involved.

-Karen Ragland

I also want to thank you for running such a well organized association/club.  As far as youth sports it is the best I have seen and I know that comes down to you and the coaches.  Sophie never touched a stick before we moved out here and now really enjoys the game.  Sophie loves having Lori for a coach as well, she does great with the girls.

-Tim Gebhardt


Thanks so much for holding the skills clinic and 3x3 scrimmage. My daughter said it was super helpful and everyone was really nice. The coaches were terrific and had specific  tips. They were much more than just people who had played lacrosse; they were true coaches.
-Cindy O'Keefe

Thank you for all that you do for Emma!! You truly have inspired her to be her best and have proven to her that hard work pays off!! I mean it when I say you are the best coach I have ever had the pleasure to watch and work with !! And I have had a lot of coaches!!
- Deirdre Weber

My daughter has had Annie Nicholson as a coach for going on three years.  Not only has she been exposed to exemplary lacrosse skills, but Annie models exactly what I want for my children to learn as far as sportsmanship.  She is able to relate to the kids very easily, yet she manages to command their respect and attention at all times.  I feel very fortunate for my daughter to benefit from such an excellent coach. 
- Carey Kershner

I was impressed with how organized those fall sessions
were and the attention that Lori and the other adults always gave to
the girls.   Renee always looked forward to going and was always glad
she had gone.  It may just be that she is getting more mature, but she
has not had that kind of consistent enjoyment in the past with any of
the other other sports we've tried so far.
- Molly Smith Fick

My daughter, Lindsey, participated in both the winter skills training and winter lacrosse conditioning programs.  My hope in enrolling her was to keep her from getting rusty over the winter.  Not only did Lindsey avoid getting rusty, she improved her stick handling skills.  She also increased her knowledge of how to play all field positions.   My hopes were greatly exceeded.  When the spring season started, she was very well prepared.  Lindsey had a great time in both winter programs.  We will definitely be participating in both again this winter.
- Mike Rosen


The BVGL program is unbelievable. My daughter was in the program for 2 years (ever since we moved here from the midwest). She went from a novice, to an advanced field player who will be playing for her High School team. My only regret is that she was not able to begin the program in her elementary school years. The girls that began then are truly college scholarship material. Boulder girls lacrosse is so lucky to have Annie Nicholson at the helm.
- Amy C.

My daughter loved the winter indoor programs.  It was a fun way for her to work on and hone her skills when the weather was bad and make friends with the girls she would then move onto the spring league with. Her skills really improved and she plans on doing it again for sure.
- Kristin Weber

My daughters have had such a positive experience with BVGL's coaching and instruction. They've learned about the sport of lacrosse in a consistent, effective and encouraging manner. The off-season programs did an excellent job of preparing them physically and mentally for the spring travel league - I would highly recommend them!
- Lori Welty

My daughter loved the skills training night.  She started out as a beginner and improved tremendously with the close attention of the coaches.  They worked on the basics as well as game strategy and understanding.  She will definitely do it again this year!
- Nina Pater
Winter indoor lacrosse was such a great experience. We loved the combination of conditioning and skills development. Both my daughters grew in their understanding of the game. This was not a casual session. Coaching was incredible and the girls saw marked improvements in their game. It was invaluable to stay fresh through the winter. It made the spring season so much better. We look forward to doing it again.  
- Megan Rebich

Coach Annie Nicholson’s Winter Skills Training and Sports Conditioning classes were very beneficial to our 2013 U 14/15 BVGL  team.  The girls that participated developed a solid confidence in their stick skills, defensive positioning, and offensive teamwork.  Additional improvements in core strength, endurance and agility were evident in their play and quick recovery from efforts on the field.  In addition, they developed familiarity and camaraderie through healthy competition in practice drills, conditioning activities, and modified scrimmage.  Since they were playing indoors with a modified ball that was lighter and bounced higher, they had to learn to catch gracefully with good cradling technique.  Catching that thing was a challenge for all the girls no matter their skill level.   These training experiences formed a solid foundation for our successful spring season.
Thank you for offering this opportunity again in 2014.
- Bruce D. Casey, U15 Assistant Coach

At nine years old, our daughter became engaged in a sport for the first time ever. She greatly improved her skills, gained an appreciation for practice, learned to compete in a positive way and demonstrated respect for her coaches and teammates. It was an incredible benchmark year in her development. When she transitioned from the recreational to the travel league our daughter really made the connection between her level of involvement and her team’s success.  It was fun to watch her become independently driven to improve and whole-heartedly committed to her team.
BVGL provides a positive and healthy environment for girls to celebrate their individual accomplishments and cultivate their roles on a team while strengthening their skills and developing a genuine appreciation and respect for the sport.  I asked my daughter about her experience and she said, “It was really good."
- Karen R.

My 9 year old daughter has been playing lacrosse since she was 6 years old, but has never enjoyed it more than she did this past spring on the travel team.  She started out green and naive and ended the season with true confidence and pure enjoyment of the game.    Her skills improved dramatically as did her understanding of the game and the team spirit of lacrosse.  She became great friends with her teammates and now looks forward to every clinic, practice, etc. where she is able to see her lax buddies.  The coaching she received is some of the best we have ever experienced in youth sports.  We couldn't be happier we signed her up for the competitive travel team last spring and will do so again in 2014.  
- Nina P.

"There is something to continuity in sport– the repetition, the camaraderie, the skills, they all get better. My daughter had her first BVGL Travel season last spring and it really launched her passion for Lacrosse. Practicing was fun and brought about swift skill changes that made the game more fun to play and her sense of team became so much greater, like we're in this together, let's have fun! I would recommend it highly as a chance for your daughter to really learn to grow in the sport in a supportive and lively environment. The coaches kept perspective on the game (as well as the girls ages) and kept the attitude very positive and stayed focused on the developing good sports, who are learning a game that is meant to be fun." 
- Kristin W.

"I would definitely recommend this program because it has helped me become so much better at being a lacrosse goalie. I have had a great experience with friends on my team, and it has been an overall great, fun time. My coach is sometimes tough, but she always pushes us to become our best."
- Claire B. (U10 goalie)

 “I was a little nervous about moving to the Travel team but it turned out that I loved it. It was hard work but I couldn’t wait for practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It was FUN hard work! I can’t wait for the Spring Travel season again.”
- Ava W. (U10 team)

 I can’t say enough good things about our Travel team experience. My daughter hadn’t done a sport that practiced three times a week prior to this, so that was a new experience. But it quickly became the highlight(s) of her week. As her team got to know each other, they worked hard together, they challenged each other to do their best, and they grew as individuals and as a team. Coach Annie and the other assistant coach’s leadership fostered a positive, hard-working attitude in the team, and made it a meaningful experience for the girls. They started out the season fairly inexperienced and by the end of the season, the team was a well-oiled machine (for a bunch of 9 year olds!). Great experience and we look forward to the next season!
- Lori W.

"Having our daughter join the BVGL travel league turned out to be one of the best decisions we've made. At the most basic level, she has experienced the benefits of playing a team sport--from a social/developmental/exercise perspective to enjoying the friendships and support that comes from a group of people all working towards a common goal. On a lacrosse/skill level, BVGL focuses on the fundamentals of the game, good sportsmanship, and developing player potential. What I like the most about this league, however, is that they don't treat players like "girls"...they treat them like athletes."
- Wendy Brache   

My daughter had an incredible experience at BVGL her first year playing lacrosse. She was a little nervous starting a new sport, however, from day one we were warmly welcomed by other players, parents, and coaches. Prior to her first season, she had never thrown a lacrosse ball. The coaching staff did an excellent job teaching her the game, and developing her skills in a fun, encouraging environment. There were many opportunities after the Spring season to attend camps, skill sessions and play in games. She is very excited to start the winter conditioning and skill sessions. Thank you Annie for your commitment to BVGL. We cannot wait till next season!
- Mike & Kim Santangelo